Summer House Cleaning Tips For A Sparkling Property

Home cleaning should be one of the last things you should be worried about during the summer. To prevent humidity, heat, grime, dust, and pests from taking a toll on your property, you can use the tips described below to clean the outdoors and indoors both. You need to tackle these cleaning tasks at the start of the summertime. It will ensure that you can enjoy the sunshine and warm weather during the remainder of the summer.

1. Reverse and dust the ceiling fans: The ceiling fans are capable of stirring up pollen and dust unless their blades are cleaned regularly during home cleaning. Before turning on the fans during the summer, you need to remove debris and dust by using the older pillowcase. You can spray the pillowcase interiors by using an all-purpose cleaner that can be slipped across one of the blades.

2. Clean the fridge: Have sufficient room in the fridge for barbecue leftovers and fresh produce. You need to focus on one section at a time and perform a summer clean-out. Transfer all the items you need to a cooler. Verify the expiry dates and toss away the things that are past prime. Wipe away the fridge surface by using a damp cloth.

3. Perform a clean sweep: Another useful summer house cleaning tip is to stock all the front decks, porches, and patios by using inexpensive brooms that can be used for all kinds of cleaning chores. Use the brooms for brushing spider webs from screens, porch ceilings, window boxes, mailboxes, railings, and windows. You can sweep the deck and porch floors every day to remove all the debris deposited by rain, critters, wind, and incoming traffic.

4. Clean kitchen cabinets: The kitchen cabinets that are frequently opened and closed by using messy hands are going to get sticky when they are not properly cared for. Dip a cloth in a mixture of 1/4th cup of Murphy Oil Soap and a gallon of warm water. Wipe the cabinets by paying additional attention to the areas close to the knobs and dry up by using a clean cloth.

5. Clean wicker furniture: Wicker is a useful material for your outdoor furniture. It adds a charming cottage styling to the outdoor area. However, using a tight weave of wicker, home cleaning can be a challenge. Buy covers for the pieces that remain outdoors, as shielding the wicker furniture from the weather and other elements can prevent fading.

Practically everyone hates to do home cleaning, but everybody enjoys living in a clean home. These tips can help you with fast home cleaning. It is also a good idea to perform home cleaning as you can schedule it in advance with friends and family. You can assign tasks to every person as it will add a fun element to the cleaning and get the house to a sparkling status within a short period. If you reside in the Clearwater, FL region, you can entrust your house cleaning to skilled professionals like the Cleaning Service Clearwater.

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