Home Cleaning While Living With Cats

Home Cleaning While Living With CatsAll the cat owners are aware of the struggle and joys of living with the feline creatures. Most of them will agree that it is a balanced experience. No amount of extra home cleaning activities you are forced to perform can outweigh the fun this feline friend provides on daily basis. But maintaining a clean home with cats is not easy. Although home cleaning with dogs is more challenging, the cats also shed no matter how much grooming they do. You have to stay on top of home cleaning to keep all the cat hair in check.

1. Brush the cat often: Although the cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, their hair can end up in any place around the home and literally. They can be found on furniture, curtains, carpets, and all over your clothes. There is only one way of keeping this in check and that is by brushing the cat regularly. This will ensure that you have less hair around the house and you are required to perform less home cleaning with fewer hairballs.

2. Maintain the litter tray correctly: A well-kept litter tray is a key to eliminating the kitten litter smell. You need to scoop the litter at least once daily and replace the content completely after two weeks. While renewing the litter, ensure that you provide a good scrub to the box with detergent and water. The location of the litter tray is also significant. Maintain the tray in a place away from the kitchen and the living room. Also, keep the tray away from carpets and other such places.

3. Dust and vacuum regularly: If you are trying to keep a check on the cat hair and stray litter you will have to undertake a dusting and vacuuming strategy. If you can get a high-quality vacuum cleaner it is an excellent method for reducing allergens, cat dander, and dust. You can get a hand-held vacuum cleaner for this purpose. In any case, ensure that you are vacuuming and dusting the house at least once every week.

4. Clean the counters and aerate the house: Even when you are constantly trying to keep your cat away from the worktops and counters, they will always jump on the place if you turn your back on them. This can result in bacteria from their paws spreading across the surfaces. So clean the counters by using an anti-bacterial liquid and keep in mind that there is no alternative for clean fresh air. Open the house windows to let in the fresh air regularly.

If you love your cat but cannot undertake the home cleaning required for keeping them you can use the services of professional cleaners such as Cleaning Service Clearwater Company in the Clearwater, FL area. This is a great solution as you can get access to many affordable packages and schedules for all home cleaning budgets.

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