Home Cleaning The Safe And Efficient Way

Home cleaninghome cleaning the safe and efficient way, especially seasonal or after a storm, calls for very wise planning and safety precautions. It’s not a thing of just doing what you think is good and missing something important that could prevent injury or damage to the home and your possessions. Making a plan is the best way to go about things and that means paying attention and following good common sense.

If it’s seasonal cleaning you’ll need the standards like mops, rags, paper towels, etc.. Cleaners both commercial and homemade and protective items like face masks, gloves, and perhaps ear plugs if you use equipment that’s noisy. Make a plan as to which area to hit first. If your roof needs a brushing off, do that first. Use a steady ladder and don’t overextend yourself. Once the roof is brushed off, look for any damage done by weather or even animals or debris. Once that’s done you can look around the outside of the dwelling for cracks and leaks and have them handled. Keep a weather eye out for outside mold, stains, and mildew. Clean them with the appropriate cleaner and once done let it set for a few days to peruse it again to see if any residue remains or damage has been done. Use a face mask for this job.

Now that the outside is handled, the inside is the toughest part. Basements can contain all kinds of home cleaning challenges. Dust, mold, mildew, moisture can make a basement an obstacle course of problems. Use face masks, gloves and head protection as the roof of the basement might be covered in grime or mold you do not want in your hair. Open the basement windows and doors and let things air out for as long as you can in dry weather. Sometimes a portable heater can help dry out the basement for easier cleaning. If things look too much of a bother do what you can and then call in a pro. Your basement is part of the foundation of the home and once it gets compromised you’re in for more trouble than you bargained for.

The above floor home cleaning calls for strategy too. The wear and tear of daily living can leave areas quite a challenge for cleaning. Some prefer old vinegar, lemon, and water and it works great but some areas need something more powerful like bleaches and other chemical solutions. Keep the windows and doors open and wear gloves and good clothing. It’s your choice to hit the tough areas first and the easy areas later. Bathrooms and the kitchen are the tough spots. A good foundational home cleaning will make further cleaning easier. Tile and other products found in flooring and counters don’t need harsh chemicals unless real horrible situations have occurred.

Bedrooms, living rooms, recreational rooms need to be examined for damage and unexpected grime. Vacuuming and dusting are one thing, but hardwood floors and good carpeting take extra loving care.

Overall, a good plan that includes protection and keen observation with some TLC should make for home cleaning the safe and efficient way.

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