Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers

Cleaning TipsSelling a house entails many steps. There are various formalities and procedures to follow to sell a residential property. Looking for right buyers, negotiating for the desired price, preparing a legally sound document, etc. are all part of the process of selling a house. Amid the excitement of selling a house, sellers often ignore the importance of home cleaning. Every step of the process of home selling pertains to the residential property to be sold itself. Thus, irrespective of the marketing effort and relevant effort, an ill-maintained property is bound to repel even prospective buyers. If the house is in bad condition, it may need restoration, renovation and refurbishment internally and/or externally. If it is well-maintained, satisfactory home cleaning should be enough to compel potential buyers to purchase.

Cleaning a residential property is not everyone’s cup of tea. People who are too busy to clean houses can hire professional cleaners for the job. Cleaning houses for rental or sale is their expertise and they can clean full premises within a few hours typically, depending upon the area and size of the property. However, property owner or property managers who cannot or do not want to hire professionals can do it themselves too. They have to follow steps to do the work like professionals do.

Clutter Removal

Removal of clutter is the first step in any cleaning initiative and home cleaning is not different. Trash disposal is a significant part of cleaning job. Trash refers not only to wastes in the dustbins but all the items that are useless. Removal of clutter makes the house look tidy. Moreover, removal of useless items also means lesser surface to be cleaned as well as more accessibility to every nook and corner of the house for cleaning.


Pre sales home cleaning begins with the rooms that buyers are typically more interested in. Every potential buyer can be expected to look into the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. These rooms should be cleaned in the best possible manner. The best way to decide what to clean and how to clean is to observe each room from the perspective of a buyer. Areas then seem to reveal themselves.

Cleaning the important rooms first does not mean that garage, store, balcony, attic, study, etc. can be ignored. Contrasting scenes in the same house is bound to indicate the patchwork that the owner or cleaner did. Potential buyers may get the impression that there may be such facts about the house that have been concealed by temporary effort.


Removing moulds, mildew, mites, etc. are a tough part of home cleaning due to their recurring nature. There are effective and safe chemicals available in the market to take care of those.

Glasses should be cleaned as if new. Nothing signifies cleanliness than clean and clear glasses whether in bedroom or bathroom.

Reading the nature and effect of the home cleaning chemical and device is important. Using inappropriate substances can permanently or temporarily damage the surface on which it is used.

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