Natural home cleaning with common substances that you normally always have

Natural home cleaning with common substances that you normally always haveMixtures and compounds for cleaning homes naturally are typically very simple to be prepared. Besides, the ingredients that are required to formulate natural cleaning solutions are commonly used in houses for different purposes. Thus, they are usually readily available.

Cleaning is a burdensome responsibility, and that is an undisputed fact. Naturally, the arduousness is compounded in home cleaning since everything or most of the household have to be cleaned in a day or less. That is why the concern for Green cleaning just seem too much to consider, especially without the necessary information about the same. Not only does it seem complicated but expensive too. However, it is not. If I cannot be called frugal and paranoid then there is no word that can describe me. Yet, cleaning with natural substances is within my comfort zone of practices. Therefore, I can assure you that it is cheap and safe an affair.

Today I want to share my favourite recipe for soft-scrub for household. It is super simple. Besides, I will share some extra tips with you in order to encourage you for cleaning your home naturally.

This fantastic scrub formula can be used to for anything within the range of polishing toilets to shining kitchen counters. I can recall that I used it to clean even my child’s sand & water table when I noticed that grime and dirt have victimised it. I hope you understand that I am trying to explain the versatility of this formula to you and inspire you to make it for natural cleaning.

Soft-scrub Recipe

  • ¼ cup of baking soda
  • Liquid soap in sufficient volume to form a paste

The peppermint castile soap liquid is the preferable soap in my opinion. However, you can use any liquid soap that is comfortable for you. I have even tested Seventh Generation dishwashing soap in the past. But, if you cannot find a bottle of Seventh Generation with discount at the shop, search for Dawn.

Spread adequate volume of the semi liquid mixture on a sponge for scrubbing. Scrub as long and much as you want.

A few additional tips on home cleaning are mentioned below:

Essential Oils

Drop a few tea tree oil drops into your toilet for fresh scent and natural disinfection.

Use lavender or peppermint to ward off bugs (it is not necessarily related to cleansing but is useful nonetheless)

Castile soap liquid

Add a few drops to the homemade wipe solution in order keep your babies’ bums clean.

The tea tree oil for cleaning gunged pans.

A mixture of 1 teaspoonful of castile soap, ¼ cup of white vinegar and ¾ cup of distilled water with several drops of any essential oil can be used on anything but glass, for which soap has to be omitted.

Baking Soda

Baking soda addded to warm water is effective on counter tops.

A little coconut oil and corn starch or arrowroot added to baking soda makes a natural deodorant.

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