Know the easy steps for keeping your bathroom squeaky clean

Cleaning ServiceCleaning the bathroom is not much of an awe inspiring chore! In fact, people often tend to shirk the responsibility but either ways the job needs to be done by the end of the day. While the task may appear to be boring and monotonous, it can actually be accomplished in very less time if carried out in a systematic manner. Here are some of the easy steps that can help you through cleaning bathroom in a much more convenient and easier way:

Removing the clutter

The first thing that you are to do here is clearing the countertop by moving all the stuffs down. Some people are also in the habit of keeping things up on the toilet tank. Those stuffs need to be moved down as well. The bathmats and rugs should also be moved out of way.  The first thing here that you should start with is the blank canvas. However, you need to have patience and hold yourself until you are done with cleaning the countertop completely. Then you may proceed with sweeping and mopping the floor before moving to the other section in cleaning bathroom.

Wash the shower curtain thoroughly

When you are already removing the items from the bathroom, you should not forget the shower curtain hanging there. Bring that down for a wash too. This is surely an important part of cleaning bathroom. The vinyl shower curtain can be used again when you have the washer free of the soap scum. It should be washed on a gentle cycle with the use of cold water following which it should be hung down to dry. The curtain, however, should not be put in dryer.

Lime it away

Keeping the faucets clean is another important task in cleaning bathroom. If the faucets have developed deposits of lime which occurs due to the presence of excessive magnesium or calcium in tap water, all you need to do is soaking a paper towel in white vinegar. It should then be wrapped around the faucet. You may even need to put a rubber band around it. It should be left for about an hour. The towel should be moistened with excess of vinegar. After an hour the towel should be removed and the faucet should be wiped clean. If hard deposits still remain, they can be tackled with a tooth brush with a little effort. Even if the deposits get harder with time, soaking them in vinegar for longer will soften them comparatively.

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