Ten Home Tips to Help to Improve you life

What’s the best motivational tool for keeping your house tidy? It’s easy – just make sure you have at least one visitor (preferably one of your more grown-up friends or your mum) to stay every month.

You can see how it works. There’s something, how shall we say…distasteful about letting a loved-one see your pants sitting on the radiator or hairballs rolling across the bathroom floor like tumbleweed.

The issue, of course, is finding the time to hide your grubbiness. Tidying is boring and cleaning is about as much fun as school netball. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for a good quick-fix. If there’s an ingenious way to make household chores easier (and save money in the process) we’ll snap it up quicker than a game of snap. And that’s pretty snappy.

Source: http://www.handbag.com/life/news/a521170/10-household-tips-to-improve-your-life.html

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