Washer Cleaning! Is It Necessary?

Washer Cleaning! Is It Necessary?Washer cleaning sounds a bit counterintuitive. It is the job of a washer to wash. Then why should the washing machine be cleaned? It is always filled with soap and water, isn’t it? Here is the reason. The residue of soap, minerals, and chemicals from the detergent may get locked inside the washer and develop a thin film that is responsible for trapping bacteria. These are responsible for clogging the washer cleaning mechanisms inside. They can also cause the water to stay lukewarm and detergent will become less effective. Washers are also humid and hot inside by design and this is a breeding ground for bacteria.

How often should you clean the washer?

As a rule of thumb, you need to clean the inside and outside of the washer once every month. In case you are using a natural solution, the process does not harm the septic system or your wallet either. Therefore, more often you clean the better it is. If your washer is white in color you may be able to see this build-up easily. There are dark streaks on the rim of the machine. These are not stains from clothes but they are germ build-up. When you see the streaks you can assume that your machine is due for a cleaning.

How to clean the washer?

There are some methods available for cleaning the washer that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Although the most commonly used method is bleach, you need to keep in mind that it is toxic and smelly. Bleach is also likely to clog the septic systems. You should try and get something natural for the washer that is safe for your family. The answer to your query is white vinegar. This material sanitizes and disinfects the machine. The acidity of the vinegar helps in eating away the residue build-up. Another advantage is that as you drain the vinegar, it will clean the pipes inside. White vinegar also possesses deodorizing properties and so will remove bad odor from the septic systems and basin. If you want to add an extra punch of freshness to the cleaning you can use baking soda. This will exfoliate the soap residue and will neutralize odor. It is a sort of partner in crime with white vinegar.

Maintaining a clean washer 

Here are some easy steps to follow after every wash to stop the growth of bacteria to keep the clothes and the washer fresh and clean.

  • Do not keep your clothes sitting in the machine after the cleaning. Everybody does this mistake. People forget that they have placed a load of laundry in the machine but it is natural. No one can wait in the washer for hours without moving the clothes to the dryer. However, this leads to bacteria breeding in your clothes. If you forget a lot for a long period you might want to run it again.
  • After you have moved the clothes to the dryer keep the lid of the washing machine open. It allows the insides of the washer to dry and prevent mold, bacteria, and mildew from growing. Never fill the washer with an additional load of laundry. It will cause the washing machine to work overtime and may clog the drains and pipes.

So, what is the best part of the washer cleaning? There is no need to use chemicals or harsh scrubbing. Just pour the white vinegar inside the washer and let it run. For just a small amount you have an easy and simple method for cleaning the washer. You might wish to perform washer cleaning as a part of home cleaning. You can get help from pros such as Cleaning Service Clearwater for this purpose. They will ensure a safe and clean process for your family.

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