You Should Clean These Household Items Regularly

You Should Clean These Household Items RegularlyAnnoying dirt on everyday items is a problem that we face every day. We present you with more effective ways to help you deal with it. This time we chose those things that are hard to clean and house, and which are too delicate to be treated with strength and strong means. Thanks to our tricks they will regain their shine and will remain without damage.

TV Remote Control
The TV remote control is a cluster of bacteria. We use it often, but we forget about cleaning it. In order to decontaminate him and effectively get rid of dirt in his basins without the risk of flooding, use a toothbrush. We soak it in spirit, overflow it into paper and clean the remote control. Let’s also remember not to change channels when eating, when fat and other leftovers are on our fingers.

Stains and stone on the taps
An unaesthetic faucet covered with stone and stains is a bane of every lady of the house. Scrubbing and cleaning destroys the surface and does not bring the expected results. There is a way – ordinary vinegar. Just pour it into a sealed foil bag, and then put it on the tap and tie it with a rubber band. If the shape of the tap does not allow the bag to be mounted, it can be covered with vinegar-soaked material. After the night, the faucet will be shining.

A similar method can be used to clean the shower head.

Wicker furniture
Wicker, rattan or reed furniture does not like moisture, so do not wash them with water or ordinary detergents. A rice brush and a homemade mixture prepared from 2 tablespoons of 15% hydrogen peroxide, 5 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar will be useful for cleaning. After this cleaning, it’s time for care – for this purpose you should use ordinary vegetable oil, eg sunflower oil. We heat the oil slightly and rub the furniture surface with a soft cloth. It will refresh the color and effectively preserve the wood.

Clean the Bottom of an Iron
A clean iron is essential if you do not want our clothes to get dirty during ironing. Unfortunately, it happens to burn it, and as a result is covered with an ugly, brown sediment that remains on the material. But fortunately, there is an easy way to clean them without unnecessary scrubbing and buying expensive funds. It is necessary to iron parchment sprinkled with a small amount of salt (this method is not used if we have an iron with a Teflon coating). Another effective method is to prepare the solution: pour half a cup of vinegar into the pan and pour two teaspoons of salt, heating until completely dissolved. Sponge horn soaked in hot vinegar and wash the dirty surface of the iron.

Leather furniture
Care of leather furniture is a delicate matter. It is worth to reach for egg white, which will improve the condition of the furniture. We beat the foam rigidly and rub it into the surface. After drying, polish the whole with beeswax.

If we have a problem with hardened skin, we can make it elastic with a spoon made of 3 spoons of cooking oil, 3 tablespoons of turpentine, 3 tablespoons of skim milk and tablespoons of vinegar. Mix the prepared mixture on the skin with a soft cloth. After drying, also polished with beeswax.

Clean a Greasy Range Hood
The fat settling on the kitchen hood during cooking is difficult to remove, especially if it enters small elements and cavities of the appliance. It looks unsightly and is an ideal habitat for bacteria. But there is a way to do it. A normal washing powder, dissolved in warm water, can cope with fat without the need of scrubbing. We just need to remember to thoroughly dissolve the powder, which will prevent scratches on the surface. In the hollows, it is worth to use a toothbrush that removes pieces of fat.

Try our ways to fight dirt. Remember, however, that items made of delicate materials are susceptible to scratches and damage. When cleaning, handle them carefully and choose natural and delicate replacements for detergents and soft cloths and sponges.

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