Greening The Cleaning

Greening The CleaningNow that the Green Cleaning movement is spreading worldwide, people are looking at the old traditional ways of doing things that are environmentally safe and safe for people in general. This Green cleaning approach is not difficult at all and is highly cost effective, it just takes some knowledge and simple discipline.

First of all, the materials that work best can be found in your kitchen cabinet or at your local store. Things like white vinegar and baking soda can cover just about any cleaning job you face. That’s right, warm water with white vinegar or warm water with baking soda has been a staple for centuries. The reason why is vinegar kills germs and bacteria and baking soda lifts dirt and brightens surfaces and cloth. Neither is toxic to nature or man so even kids can pitch in to help with cleaning and pets won’t be affected at all.

The overall regimen is basically the same way you would normally do your cleaning. You can also use some ammonia but keep the area with good ventilation. You’ll want to make sure the solutions you use get into the areas that are hard to reach but don’t fear marring surfaces unless you’re cleaning hardwood floors. They take special care to avoid causing dulling and removing protective covering.

You’ll want to vacuum the floors to make sure you get all the micro debris out of the way. Use clean cloths, and gently apply your solutions to the troubled areas. Now, back to wooden floors, you can add some mineral oil, a few drops of warm water and white vinegar and use a sponge mop and all will be well. Bathroom floors, shower walls, sinks, toilet can all benefit from both vinegar and baking soda.

You use the vinegar solution as a disinfectant and the baking soda as a cleaner. Using both in the heavily used areas like bathrooms and kitchens is a one-two punch that has worked since who knows when. Washing clothes is a whole other cleaning matter. Instead of the big brands, look for the well received and reviewed green products. Many are created y small companies in various parts of the country. If your local stores don’t carry them, it’s a good bet you can get them online. Study carefully so that you’re getting a real green cleaning product as some companies just boast it but only do so as a means of jumping on the ever expanding green market. See what others say about these green solutions. You may find one company covering a variety of products but you may also need to buy some from one company and others from another.

Same goes with rags and brooms, mops. Get the ones that are safe to use and won’t damage surfaces. Disposable rags should be biodegradable. Some vacuum cleaners handle pet hair and dander well. The vacuum cleaner refuse should be secured well when disposed of. If you’re doing seasonal cleaning you’ll want to do a full survey of the property both inside and out. Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, each seasonal cycle leaves its own signature form of cleaning challenges but the simple solutions here apply to all the seasons. Check gutters, look for hidden debris in windows and doorways, a little bit of citrus oil in a cleaning solution can keep bugs at bay. Usually, orange or lemon citrus oil will do the job. Pet favorite areas need and extra look-see as do favorite children’s areas where stashes of candy and messy toys can be a challenge.

It’s all about the simple and sane approach to green cleaning.

Image Credit : Spade And Broom by George Hodan


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