Tips To Improve Your Bedroom Interior Design

Tips To Improve Your Bedroom Interior Design

It is known that a man spends a third of his life in the bedroom. This is a very personal place in home, here we restore strength and are not afraid to be defenseless, and therefore to approach the design of this room is with special attention and delicacy.

Magic colors

Color has a significant impact on the emotional state of a person, so the correct color solution of the bedroom plays a huge role. A pleasant relaxing atmosphere can create restrained tones. It is best to choose warm pastel shades that provide a sense of security: light green, beige, gently peach.

In addition, light halftones help to visually enlarge the room. But without the support of warm colors, a “sterile” white color can, on the contrary, create a cold and even slightly repulsive atmosphere.

Stimulating effects on the psyche are intense intense colors: they cause excitement and contribute to increased activity. Often this interferes with relaxation and a calm transition to sleep, so red or orange should be used in the bedroom with care.

Do not abuse and blending many colors. It is better to use different shades of one or stick to a pair of primary colors. Small accents can be added with the help of decor elements – pillows, candles, paintings, and sometimes small pieces of furniture, for example, puff, coffee table, small chest.

Harmony in detail

Using decorative elements, incense and fresh flowers, you can change the atmosphere of the bedroom, making it soothing, meditative, romantic or festive – depending on the plans for the evening. However, do not overload the room with many similar items. Important nuance: do not place in the bedroom large portraits, including close people, because it will seem that you are being watched. This will prevent you from relaxing.

To create a sense of security, try not to put a bed next to the door. As an ancient person would rather choose a place in the depths of the cave than lie down next to the entrance, and modern people subconsciously feel protected on the bed away from the doorway. For the same reason, do not hang over the bed items: a large chandelier, fan and so on. When something hovers over an unprotected person, he has a sense of threat. For the same reason, the shelf above the head of the bed is best replaced with a bedside table or dressing table.

Invisible Light

Light is better to make soft and pleasant, it is necessary to avoid too bright its sources. In the morning, immediately after awakening, the eyes are not yet ready for sharp light, which when turned on can cause unpleasant sensations. And in the evening the organs of vision and the brain are preparing for bed, therefore, it is necessary to avoid intense stimuli.

It is best to use several sources: for example, on the ceiling, on both sides of the bed and next to the cabinet, so that you can easily find the right thing and navigate the room at night. But each of these lamps should create unobtrusive, slightly muffled lighting. In the bedroom it is good to use shades of warm colors to provide a soft indirect light.

Non-working place

The main function of the bedroom is to provide a full rest for the body and restore strength after a day’s work. If you work in this room at a desk or with a laptop while lying in bed, the brain will not adjust to a healthy sleep, as it can not distinguish the work area from the resting place. And this means that in the morning you will have to wait for the inevitable fatigue from lack of sleep.

If there is no possibility to place a desk outside the bedroom, try to divide the room into zones, for example, using a transparent bookcase or an open rack. Due to the fact that such furniture is non-monolithic, not bulky, space will not decrease very much, but the body will receive an accurate signal, where to work and where to rest.

End of films

Before going to bed in many families it is customary to watch a movie or a TV show, news or entertainment programs. However, you need to do this in the living room, and remove the TV from the bedroom. During viewing, the human brain does not rest, but, on the contrary, processes a large flow of information, which, moreover, often has a negative character.

So there is an over excitement of the nervous system, which can lead to sleep disturbances. In addition, usually in bed a person watches TV in an uncomfortable position, half-asleep, which leads to tension in the thoracic and cervical spine. And this, in turn, causes headaches, a feeling of weakness and fatigue

The bedroom is a place of solitude, spiritual and physical rest, this is our refuge from the outside world.

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