10 Must KNOW Secrets To Making Home Cleaning Easier

10 Must KNOW Secrets To Making Home Cleaning Easier

Tackling a home cleaning project can be tough, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll need a professional cleaning service to make your home smell, look, and feel like-new again.

Properly preparing yourself for a home cleaning, and doing it more frequently than you do now can make all the difference in being both easier and more practical the next time around!

Check out these Top 10 Secrets to making home cleaning easier, and decide for yourself whether or not you can do it on your own, get the family to help, or if a home cleaning service might make the most sense as a way to “team up” on your next cleaning project.

  1. Schedule and structure – The next time you plan to clean your home, consider making a list on a notepad in steps to follow, both organizing and making more efficient use of your time and efforts.
  2. Cleaning the right way – A lot of people make the mistake of cleaning bottom to top, which is a huge mistake! This means, often you’ll wind up dealing with more dirt and work later on. So, instead consider trying to clean left to right, top to bottom to maximize both your time and efforts!
  3. Stop leaving “smears” behind – To solve that ‘smearing’ problem, the next time you tackle glass or mirror cleaning, consider using a squeegee instead of a rag or paper towels. This will make a significant difference, leaving both more beauty and appeal by the time you’re done cleaning glass around your home.
  4. Prepare supplies in advance – Gathering all the necessary cleaning tools and supplies can make all the difference in how much more efficient your next home cleaning will be, saving you both time and unwanted extra labor.
  5. Consider replacing your showerhead for just less than $5 – This way you can stop having to deal with an unruly, and unusually dirty shower or bath. A lot of people don’t realize it, but a old shower head can actually make the shower more dirty, and likely to build up unwanted bacteria and mold over time – so consider changing yours!
  6. Dusting the right way – The next time you go to ‘dust’ your home, don’t use sprays, or any liquids for that matter. Instead, pick up a new, quality duster and use this to get all unwanted dust and dirt off or away from your furniture and home.
  7. Address hard-to-remove dirt – Removing hard to clean surface stains like rust and other grime doesn’t have to be impossible or require a professional cleaning service. Instead, use a DIY recipe just using one tablespoon of liquid detergent and approximately one gallon of warm water. Just remember, before using on furniture and other surfaces test it on somewhere not easily seen, just to ensure you do not unwittingly damage your home furniture.
  8. The secret of Lemon Juice – Using pure, natural lemon juice is the ultimate solution to rust-stains, may it be outside of your home such as on your patio, in your garage, or on other metal surfaces around your home. The natural citrus in lemons makes them the ultimate strength solution for tough-stains.
  9. Getting rid of mold – May it be in your shower, or other frequently wet and unlit places of your home, getting rid of mold can be made simple. Just apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and let it sit on the stains for a few seconds – then wipe away!
  10. Removal and prevention of mineral deposits– Finally, invest in a bottle of white vinegar for both removing, as well as preventing mineral deposit buildups in the future which can both look bad and damage your home.

Don’t forget, regular cleaning is the best cleaning solution!

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