21 Easy To Follow Steps To Clean a Condo

Condominium21 Easy To Follow Steps To Clean a Condo popularly called the condo is kind of a real estate that is divided in different units where each of them are owned by different owners. Living in a condo has its own benefits and you’d be happy to note that in order to keep it clean you need not hire the services of a maid. Yes! It’s true, if you are following the steps discussed below to clean a condo, you’ll find it a lot easier to clean the place than you might be wondering.

Preparing for the session

  1. Prepare your favorite playlist and start playing some good music
  2. Place scented candle(s) and light them up

The Next Steps

  1. Strip your beds
  2. Collect all the laundry and linens and put them in your washing machine
  3. Spray a cleanser inside the toilet over shower, sink and enclosures
  4. Clean the fridge from inside and out. Make sure you throw all the unwanted stuff inside.
  5. Next you should do the same for the oven and microwave. Use environmentally friendly home cleaning agents here.
  6. Follow that by wiping down each of the counter top appliances
  7. Cleaning counters should be the next step forward.
  8. Cupboards need to be wiped down with the use of clean wipes
  9. Next would be to move the laundry from the washers to the dryers
  10. Dust the furniture and framed art in and around the area
  11. Follow that by wiping the patio furniture with a clean cloth
  12. Sweeping the furniture should be the next thing to do
  13. Use strong cleaning agents to wash the windows, mirrors, and glass doors

Completing the cleaning – The Last Steps

  1. Come back to the toilet and clean the sink, shower and tub enclosures
  2. Now retrieve the linens from your dryers and fold them
  3. This should be followed by vacuuming the crevice
  4. Treat yourself with a chocolate and place a gift basket or a personal welcoming note on the kitchen table
  5. Time to turn off the music and blowout the candles
  6. Lastly, mop out through the door while turning off the lights

The above compilation is pretty important as it offers you a guide to do things in an organized manner. It is evident that you have to wash the linens before they could be dried and you won’t be vacuuming a place before dusting it. Lastly, won’t you love to be rewarded with a tiny piece of chocolate after all the hard work you do?

You can certainly make it a lot more serious and boring. But if you don’t play the music or light a candle, the above task might appear to be a little drudgery. Moreover, if you don’t wash the windows and let them look so dull and un-cleaned, it can have a drastic impact on the way you live and the way your house appears. We all have a mess to clean, but it doesn’t mean we always do it as a compulsion. It can be made a lot easier, fun and organized when we have a plan like the one mentioned above.

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