Focusing Home Cleaning on The Kid’s Room

Focusing Home Cleaning on The Kid’s RoomHome cleaning can seem like a daunting task, and many people understandably avoid it. However, when it comes to your children, for the sake of their health and safety, regularly cleaning their rooms (with or without them) can help to ensure unwanted dirt, bacteria, and otherwise toys that need trashing or can be donated are dealt with responsibly.

While cleaning and reorganizing your children’s room or playroom it’s important to ensure you’re also regularly washing and drying (heat kills bacteria and unwanted bugs) their linens–as well as curtains–regularly.

With that out of the way, try to apply these key steps to make the most out of your home cleaning routine:

  • Cleaning and making room on shelves is very ideal, as it not only kills germs but also makes space for toys-kept, books, and simply an overall more clean appearance. Try to slowly motivate and teach your kids organization and why it’s important at a young age!
  • Go through and empty out all drawers, whether or not toys or clothes, wipe them down and don’t be afraid to bleach or use other safe cleaners to kill unwanted bacteria and dirt build up that could otherwise pass onto your kids clothes or hands. Home cleaning should have a large focus on not just organization, but also everyone—especially your child’s—health!
  • No matter where they are, try to clean up and get rid of old toys, broken, too small, or otherwise no longer used—donate them to the neighbors child or another young one or thrift store—but wipe it down with sanitizer first!
  • Invest in purchasing or obtaining a few cardboard boxes to pack away unused toys, ones for donation, or otherwise toys or other valuables that you want to put away in the attic or into storage—don’t forget a marker to label the boxes!
  • Go through all the closets and take out all of the clothes so that you can wipe down the closet, ensure there aren’t any dirty clothes or otherwise broken pieces of toys or other articles. Wipe down the closet to clear out any dirt or harmful dusts and other possible allergen’s that may have accumulated over time.
  • Lastly, look for any unwanted or torn up clothes, towels, and rags to use for cleaning the room itself and then throw it in the trash–or wash it and save it for using again at a later date.

Home Cleaning is very important because it not only involves safety and cleanliness, but also promotes a healthier you. Psychologists and researchers have found that when you, along with your children, live in a cleaner, more organized environment that you’re more likely to be motivated, responsible, and overall happier and take pride in your home. Even better, when you already have a clean home, it keeps you motivated to keep it clean!

Don’t be afraid to wipe down other counters and even walls or spaces behind the bed. Just make sure you do your research to ensure that the chemicals you’re using aren’t harmful to the surfaces you’re applying them to!

Image credit: Oksana Kuzmina

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