Home Cleaning Means The Walls Too

Home cleaning is an arduous task at times but it doesn’t have to be so.  Especially when it comes to cleaning the walls.

Home Cleaning Means The Walls TooThe walls don’t take as much punishment as the rug or other areas of the house as nothing usually touches the walls except the occasional bug.  Sometimes discoloration of the paint due to dust and sediment from the air can occur.  When this happens it will effect the walls in various ways.  Sometimes just a small section of the wall will be discolored if its near some form of exhaust like from a computer fan or something.  People don’t notice it as the fan is blocking the view.

Such grime can build up and walls near doors and in kitchens and bathrooms can get a coating that takes a good bit of effort to clean.

The first step to home cleaning the walls is to first assess what kind of paint and surface you’re about to tackle.  Look to see if the pain is glossy, latex, or eggshell and realize that a cleaner for one type of paint might not do well on another.  For tile walls or wood paneling there are home solutions and commercial solutions you can try.

First of all don’t just slap any solution on your walls, it might cause damage. Especially if the surface is expensive like wood paneling  You need to spot test whatever cleaning solution you’re going to use and of course dust the walls to make sure there’s no grime.  After the spot test, let it dry and wait. See if the surface is bright and unblemished.  If all is well, you can continue.

Some homemade home cleaning solutions are like the old standards like vinegar and water.  Sometimes lemon juice and warm water.  Again, it depends on the surface material and if there’s a finish on it.

Remember, preparation is most important and then the cleaning which should also include a preventative strategy.  Rooms where lots of moisture, temperature changes like the bathroom or kitchen need the kind of cleaning that removes soap vapor and grease vapor residue.  This stuff is a menace and should require some effort and sometimes some commercial products that specialize in these tough home cleaning areas.

Do some research, ask some questions, and read reviews.  Get the best info available and enjoy the home cleaning fun.  Make a game out of it and you won’t go sour taking care of your walls.

Image credit: Ivonne Wierink

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