Easy to follow steps for cleaning the tile floors

Easy to follow steps for cleaning the tile floorsThere are many options for floors but people are often more interested in installing attractive tiles. The tile floors are usually waterproof, long lasting, have simple installation process and come with a range of styles. They require limited maintenance compared to the carpets. However, it is important to clean the tile floor properly. Discussed below are ways of cleaning up tile floor irrespective of stone, vinyl, or ceramic.

Clean the tile floors on daily basis

It is wiser not to wait until the tiles become dirty enough to apply strong chemicals and spend hours on cleaning. Cleaning the tile floors as per a routine may not be as tiresome as it appears. You can follow the below mentioned methods:

  1. Sweep them regularly with either vacuum or fluffy dusting mop: This is the right way to eliminate dirt and loose dust. It is better to prevent using straw broom for it may scratch the tiles.
  1. Use warm water for mopping the tile floor to keep them nice and shinning: People may opt for a cleaning pro to be responsible for cleaning needs of tile floor. It is better to find out about the rates by checking online.
  1. Just dry the tile floor after a damp mopping: This is to prevent fresh dirt from setting quickly in the wet regions and turning into hard to eliminate strains.
  1. Use absorbent clothes for wiping up spills: There is a need to use the disinfectant or cleanser to deal with dirtier spills such as dropped piece of raw meat or pet accidents. Strong chemicals could dull the tiles so spray on the region where the spill has occurred.
  1. Have a doormat inside and outside your home: This is to eliminate the water or tracking mud on tile floor. It is significant particularly during snow and rainy seasons.

Application of strong cleaning solutions in a timely manner

Follow these easy steps in tile cleaning to deal with tough stains and greasy residues:

  1. Apply a mix solution of half cup vinegar and one gallon warm water: Acidic properties of vinegar acts as natural remover of grease. Half cup of the plain rubbing alcohol can be also used as the vinegar substitute.
  1. Use dish detergent and fresh water to prepare a mixture: For tile cleaning, the floor can be mopped with this mixture for the removal of strong grease.
  1. Prepare a mix solution of warm water and scouring powder: Use a clear cloth for spreading the mixture and allow it to remain on this tile for up to 5 or 10 minutes. Apply a mild brush for scrubbing the region and rinsing this tile with a cloth and warm water.

Grout cleaning

Clean the grout to make tile floors appear new and clean. Prepare a blend solution of water and baking soda. Follow the mentioned below steps:

  1. Use the paste to saturate this dirty looking grout
  2. Depending upon the dirtiness, let this paste remain sitting for a period of time
  3. Apply an old tooth brush for scrubbing this grout
  4. Wash out the paste with warm water

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