How to Take Care of Your Home during Spring Season

Spring Home CleaningThere is a number of ways, both big and small, in which the weather in winter can harm your home. With the warming up of the weather a number of things have to be checked such as the animals in the vents, accumulated leaves in gutter, moisture accumulating around the foundation of a house. These things can only be checked when weather becomes warmer. This task of home cleaning on the arrival of spring cannot be called exhaustive but all those places that were affected by the harsh weather in winter should be cleaned.

The National Roofing Contractors Association maintains that the roofs should be taken care of and protected when spring arrives. They suggest that the roofing contractor should be hired. When you are concerned about the safety of the roof, you should do an inspection yourself. You should check the drain that is most likely to have accumulated debris during the winter. The drains should be kept clean and flowing for the summer rains. You also need to check if the shingles have beenĀ discolouredĀ  or are missing, or are warping and peeling. The pipes and chimneys also should be checked. Home cleaning also includes checking if there could be animal nests in the pipes and chimneys. If there is a leaky roof, it should be mended.

Another part of home cleaning is to check whether the concrete foundation must be checked for cracks. If the cracks are small, it is but normal. However, when the cracks are bigger and are horizontal, getting wider at bottom, it is sign that the foundation needs repair. You must be careful that the foundation has no water logging or leakage around. And do not forget to ensure that the drain pipes are not directed toward it. The walkways and the stairs should also be checked for cracks or damages and should be immediately repaired. Also do not forget to check if the railings are stable.

The HV Ac system should be tuned up and checked up. This apart, measuring the operating pressure, cleaning the condenser coils, and controls checking should also be carried out. You can prevent such animals as mice from getting into the vents in your home by covering the vents.

The deck should be inspected and repaired. The cleaning of the deck should include a systematic approach that should include the removal of debris, inspection for other damages.

There can be, literally, no limit to the upkeep and maintenance of home. So, the spring home cleaning is a huge task and should be undertaken when it has not been long into spring. Window screens should be checked for rips, storm windows and the screens should be cleaned, window screens should replace the storm window and the screened-in porch should be dusted well and cleaned. The outdoor furniture should also be uncovered, cleaned, and repaired. The exterior pain t should also be checked for bubbling or peeling. The roof of your home can be protected from the summer sun. The lawn should also be mowed and trimmed.

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