Natural Ideas for Home Cleaning

Natural Home CleaningThe importance of home cleaning is known to all. However, people neglect the significance of cleaning through natural ways. Even if certain cleaning substances are inexpensive, their chemical components may or may not be safe for overall fitness of people. Interestingly, various cleaning substances can be produced entirely at home by combination of certain household products. Such cleaners are entirely natural and safe for home cleaning. Method of preparation and utilities of homemade cleaners are mentioned hereunder.

  • Furniture Polish – Combination of Jojoba oil and lemon juice is effective as furniture polish. Olive oil and vinegar are respective alternatives for Jojoba oil and lemon juice.
  • Glass Cleaner – Regular dishwasher can be diluted in lukewarm water for cleansing glass windowpanes. Once cleaned, the panes should be dried with newspaper.
  • Kitchen Spray – Floors and walls of kitchen and kitchen appliances can be cleansed kitchen spray prepared from white vinegar, tea plant oil and water. About 5 drops or equivalent quantity of tea plant oil and about a cup or equivalent quantity of white impure Acetic acid diluted in a cup or equivalent quantity of water forms the spray solution.
  • Mildew Remover – Mildew is removable with a couple of tablespoons or equivalent quantity of tea plant oil and diluted in a couple of cups or equivalent quantity of water.
  • Scouring Cleanser – Floor and walls of bathroom and sanitary ware can be cleansed with the paste prepared from the combination of Sodium bicarbonate and liquid detergent.

All the ingredients used in these cleaners are readily are household products and safe for daily use.

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