Cure Those Summertime Cleaning Blues

Home and House CleaningClean your bathroom: then use it before anyone else has a chance to make a mess

You can’t get away from the job of cleaning your bathroom, including scrubbing the sink and the bath itself; you also can’t get away from the fact that it won’t stay clean for long, especially if you are in a hard water area and a residue builds up fast.

Make sure that after your hard work then you are the one to enjoy the fruits of you house cleaning work and get to enjoy a nice relaxing bath in your nice clean bathtub: you deserve it and it should make your house cleaning a little easier with something to look forward to.

As you clean your house take entertainment with you

House cleaning can be very repetitive and very boring, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be entertained while you do it though. You may well watch TV while you iron but if you have a laptop or tablet computer you can do the same by taking them round the house with you and watching a DVD or just something online as you clean. If this sounds a little awkward for what you have in mind then try using a mp3 player and don’t limit yourself to music but consider an audio-book, which can make time fly.

Cook Outside

Your kitchen is one of the biggest house cleaning jobs but what if you could keep it clean at least some days by cooking and eating outside? Especially for your main weekly family meal or when you have guests over. A barbeque is ideal as no food or mess gets over your kitchen and you generally only need to clean the barbecue’s grill: which can be soaked if needed, making it a lot easier than scrubbing your oven.

Get family and guests out of the house and around town

If you have guests staying or have kids off school then you don’t want them around the house and creating mess all of the time so get out of the house. Guests especially will enjoy looking around your local area and as for your family its incredible how many tourist attractions locally you have never quite got round to visiting. You get time off too of course and come back to a clean and tidy home.

Plan ahead, get in supplies

Especially if you have guests staying who you will need to entertain, get in house cleaning supplies beforehand and have them handy, don’t worry about spending extra on some branded cleaning products as long as they are quick and save your precious time. If you do have kids off school then it is worth planning ahead too, get in everything you need and get everything spotless before they finish school for the summer as your free days for cleaning will simply disappear.


If your summer is going to be chaotic and you are going to be coming and going then you can afford to soak items, in the kitchen and elsewhere in the house. This may mean that your sink is in use for longer but by planning ahead so you soak items while you are out or overnight you can save a lot of time on your house cleaning which you could have spent scrubbing grills, dishes and sinks themselves.

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